How to get along with your Mother-in-law

The relationship between a mother-in-law & daughter-in-law is never perfect. There will always be some things that you don’t agree on but you can always make things a bit better rather than worse by doing some little things:-

1) Praise her cooking – tell her that her son loves her food & that way she will cook for both of you & you also get to rest a bit when she comes over to your home for a holiday

2) Leave the grandkids with her – She loves her grandchildren & wold love to watch over them when you are at work or out on errands. This will give you time to either join some hobby class or gym while she watches the kids + she gets time with her grandchildren

3) Give her the concern you would show your own mother – for e.g. by inquiring about her health in general etc. That will make her more responsive to you & she will also start to care for you a bit more.

4) Ask for her help – so that she feels included & that your are giving her the due respect & importance. Ask how she cooks a particular dish or ask help in household chores, shopping. She will feel wanted & you get help too

5) Compliment her often –  Mothers-in-law can be just as self-conscious as we are, so take the time to notice how pretty, thin, healthy and young she looks, occasionally asking if you can borrow an item of clothing or an accessory such as a scarf or a purse

6) Always speak well about her to your spouse – This way your spouse will feel like you really make an effort to have a nice relationship with his mother

7) Give her space – Let her spend time alone with her child. Don’t always expect to be hovering around your spouse and knowing everything that’s happening right then

8) Ask her for things that show you respect her skills & experience – Ask for the recipe of a cake that she bakes that you love. Ask her how she manages to keep her hair in such great shape. Ask her how she found balancing work and child-raising. Ask her all sorts of things under the sun that allow her to talk about herself. You will learn a lot and it’s a good opportunity to reassure her of the things that she does best

9) Let her do something for you & be happy – Ask her to do things for you if you don’t think she’ll take this as an imposition. Ask her to make dinner. Ask her to prune your roses. Ask for whatever you think she has expertise in and will enjoy helping you with or offering advice about

10) Respond in a direct manner to offensive / invasive comments – for e.g. if your mother-in-law keeps comparing her challenging life with your lucky and wealthy one, look her in the eye and tell her straight:  It’s not about luck for us; it’s about good financial management and we stretch our earnings the best we can to ensure our kids have good experiences. if your mother-in-law criticizes your appearance or weight, or that of your children, you might respond: “I appreciate that you’re concerned about my weight but I’m within a healthy weight range and I’m eating well. My doctor is happy.”

A relationship of every kind needs to be worked on continuously. If you let it go saying that its bad, then it will end up becoming worse. Its not about sucking up to anyone but realising that there are 2 sides to it. Like you feel that she is interfering in your household, similarly she misses her son & its natural to feel that way. One day we will all have our own kids & be mothers-in-law too so you can imagine how it will be when there is a significant other in their lives & we feel left out. Try it. Make the best of it. We have one life to live – make it livable for you & for others

Cheers 🙂

Fun ways to lose a few calories……………….

1) Dance – to any music you like. In your home, at the gym, at a party, at the club

2) Smile – it takes more muscles to smile than to frown

3) Sex – 4 times a week is good for the heart & all the blood flow helps clear your skin too

4) Walk a dog – so that you walk too & run after it in the park

5) Sleep more – more sleep leads to higher metabolism

6) Laugh – laughing for 10-15 minutes a day can burn upto 50 calories

7) Go on a Date – women tend to order foods with lower calories when dining with a man of significant interest

8) Carry a snack – nuts, seeds, a  piece of fruit

9) Eat Salmon – salmon eaters lose more weight than beef eaters

10) Do things by hand – wash the dishes, cook, vaccuum the house


Things to do when you are unemployed

1) Start a blog – write about things that are you or are important to you

2) Hobby classes- anything you like ranging from painting, cooking, artwork, baking

3) Volunteer your time to help others – to help babysit your friend’s kids, walk the dog, do grocery

4) Take a study course in your field that will better your chances of finding a job & perhaps a better position too

5) Exercise regulary & eat a healthy diet – staying physically fit makes you feel mentally fit too

6) Go somewhere, anywhere, everyday – grab a coffee & take your laptop with you so that you can always go online if need be

7) Spend time with family & friends

8) Join a book club

9) Surround yourself with people who are employed & network with people from your industry

10) Join a group of yor interest from

11) Good at cooking? You can cook and provide lunch boxes to people who do not have time for this

12) De-clutter your house, garage & donate things to charity