In giving you receive……..the link between the abundance attitude and gratitude

In exuding an attitude of abundance, you automatically see your self as having more, a lot more which you can also give……to others. Abundance in its simplest meaning would be like having a lot of let’s say material things in life or having a lot of buying power. I think Abundance intertwines itself at a more sub-conscious level with charity or giving in the sense that in giving, we truly receive.

An attitude of Abundance brings about gratitude in 2 ways:-

1) In having – we are grateful for what we have, everyday. Our home, job, friends, family, food, clothes, education, transport, joy, peace, laughter.

2) In giving – to others who need whatever we can give – money, clothes, shelter, sponsoring someone’s education, paying for a meal; we receive gratitude.

Giving or helping, doing charity without expecting something in return or publicising it brings back a hundred fold to you in your time of need. Also giving without thinking that you’ve “spent” and hence “should receive” attracts much more right back.

Take a simple instance in your life. You may have given money to the poor, donated some  clothes, food, household items to charity organisations. Did it not make you feel good inside. Did you not in some way sooner or later receive help from someone when you needed it. Let’s say to find a job, someone to talk to when you were down. You did not when doing charity think that “I’ve done my bit, now I want something back”. Yet somewhere, sometime, someone was there for you like an angel. Be grateful for that.

Holding on to things like they were to make you monetarily or professionally impoverished leads to nothing. I’ve never seen a single dead person till today being buried with all or any of their real estate, gold, shares, money, diamonds, titles, designations, educational certificates. It’s all good to achieve something in life, but its only worth it if we can give some of that to others too.

In giving you receive…….may you always have enough to give, more to share and lots to go around.



When people show you who they are, believe them

This post is inspired by what Maya Angelou told a 20-something-year-old Oprah Winfrey once.

And its so true. When people tell you what they are, believe them. I once had a friend who would keep telling me “I’m selfish” and I would keep saying “Na, you are such a gentle person, that’s not true. Stop saying that or you’ll make it a self fulfilling prophecy”

This friend hurt me so bad in such a totally selfish way, I was shocked out of my wits and can still hardly belive it. It was as if this person was trying to say “Don’t look at me that way now, I told you what I am”

When people tell you “I’m mean” or “I’m rude” or anything like that……sometimes they say it just once so that you tell them its not true and say something nice about them. In a way, they are fishing for compliments. But when they say it time and over again almost like a warning and back it up with instances from the past to indicate their mean, selfish behaviour; its time to realise they are telling the truth cos they know themselves better than you do.

Take it positively, think that they are in a way telling you that they are going to hurt you so better let’s not be friends. Anyway, most of the time you cannot change a person’s base nature.

The same is true for people with positive qualities. If someone says they are caring, generous, helpful, then believe them. Give them the benefit of the doubt and let go of that nagging feeling in your head saying that “He/she is only being nice, kind, generous to get something in return”. Anyway, over the course of your friendship/relationship, you will get to see the true colours of a person and judge for yourself right.

People don’t usually go all out and praise or put themselves down. Most of the time, its upto us to get to know them better before we go all out and make them our best friends or confidantes. Take your time, meet the person you want to be friends with or date, a couple of times in different settings, a coffee shop, movie, with his/her other friends, with your friends to see how they behave and react with people and you’ll soon know whether you wanna keep’em or dump’em………but when they tell you…..Believe them.

Cheers and have a good one



And I pray that Freddie and his friends have lots to eat too………………….

It’s Sunday and I woke up at 7:45am only to remember that Mass at Church was at 8:30. I quickly jumped out of bed, showered, dressed and ran off down the lane. It was cold………British summer having surprised us once more with hailstones the evening before 🙂

The 8:30am Mass at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Hayes is an absolute delight, the choir being especially heavenly and the whole atmosphere waking up every pore of your being, both physically and spiritually.

The Church is packed as usual with people of all nationalities and cultures, all praying and singing in one voice to one God. All smiling at each other while offering “Peace”

As the Communion hymn is being sung; a particularly little happy four year old girl insists on doing a ballet performance to “Here I am Lord” in the middle of the pews, much to the delight and joy of those seated around that area 🙂

After Mass, the Parish priests greet everyone a good morning and people are on their way, going home to a good sunday roast.

There is a school attached to this Church at Botwell house and they drawings and craft of the little ones are often displayed on the notice boards inside the Church. The recent displays include prayers written by the school children at Easter time. Neatly hand-written with pretty flowers and birds drawn around it and sincerely asking The Lord for something 🙂

There among the prayers of these little ones; stand out 3 in particular. They are all by children of the age of 6 or so. And all of them are asking The Lord for happiness in the world and thanking Him for good parents and teachers and being sorry for being naughty………and saying “I hope Freddie and his friends have lots of food to eat too”

I am not sure if Freddie is a fictional character from a story that they heard about at kindergarten or if he is a fellow classmate or a boy from the orphanage. From the hearts of these young children come a sincere prayer asking God to help someone they see as being not as privileged or happy as they are. A true belief in God, knowing that he can help Freddie and his friends.

I know that God will definitely answer the prayers of these little ones. A prayer so pure and simple coming as a direct request with no fine print at the bottom to simply ask Him to make things better for someone else.

It made me smile as well………… see a belief so unwavering and sure that even I stood still and prayed ………………that my faith in God be as strong and as childlike as a 6 year old and that………………….Freddie and his friends will have lots to eat too 🙂


The new you :)

Here are a few things that can make you feel good about yourself or at least crush that feeling of routine, mundane days that get you down:-

1) Try something new at the beauty parlour that you’ve never done before – highlights, henna, nail art, curls

2) Clear out your wardrobe every 6-8 months or every year at least and get new work clothes, new part wear, definitely new lingerie and cool nightwear. The old stuff can be donated to charity

3) Dump old things you’ve not used in a long time and are just lying around collecting dust. Gives a nice cleansing feeling inside 🙂

4) Re-arrange your house furniture, get new pretty-patterned crockery. Put a plant at your desk at work and small frames with pictures of family and best friends

5) Have a game-night once a week or once a fortnight with friends coming over to play games and/or watch a movie with some finger food and drinks

6) Get a massage/spa treatment every month; once you feel the benefits, you’ll start looking forward to it

7) Dine out every once in a while, at a nice restaurant. Make it a date night with that someone special or a family night out that everyone looks forward to

8) Book a hotel room with a couple of girlfriends and spend the weekend getting pampered with girlfriends and just relaxing

9) Have a house party – invite all those fun loving buddies over. All you need is music, chips, drinks and some take-out Chinese and you have an instant mood-booster

10) Take a holiday to some beautiful destination you’ve always wanted to see. Somewhere wild as Las Vegas or a quaint village in Ireland. You deserve it, so relax and enjoy.

We all work hard to live but don’t really enjoy the life we’ve worked for and save all our money for a rainy day. Well you got to invest in yourself too and enjoy life and all it has to offer. So spend on yourself and re-invent the new you. Give yourself a makeover, don’t wait for Oprah. Be your own life guru and live by your own rules.

Till then, stay safe



Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find……………..

As a follow-up on my blogs dedicated to Leveraging the Universe and taking baby steps to reach your goals in life or getting what you want, I’m writing about what I’m currently doing daily to get a footing in this new country, the UK.  My aim is to make friends, meet people, get familiar with the place and of course trying to cook new recipes with the different variety of ingredients and especially fish available here as from that which I am familiar with 🙂

1) Making friends and meeting people – well that all begins with like I always say, a smile 🙂  I go to the gym every morning for an hour or so and that has helped me familiarise with the trainers as well as the other regular fitness conscious people who come there. Yoga class on Monday had a couple of women who live in our community and this morning one of them waved at me on her way to work. A small beginning that may lead to a new friend……….who knows

Breakfast and lunch at the local Pantry consists of yummy sandwiches of all kinds – egg and mayo, BLT, sausage and ham, chicken and sweet corn and of course they serve hot chocolate, coffee and tea as well. Regulars from the village come in there for a coffee and a chat and meeting people is easy. The 2 young fellas and their mums run the place along with a heavy-set tattooed woman who does delivery for office lunches and the like. I like the place, very friendly, warm. People talk to you like they’ve known you for ages and you get included in every conversation 🙂

And I finally went and met Bridget, the sweet lady who works in the Church office. Told her I am unemployed and wanted to help out with Church activities and Voila! there is a Community Day being held on the 14th July, an all day event with entertainment, food and a Mass. So I’m going for the meetings starting next month and can you imagine the many different people it’ll afford me the privilege to meet and get the opportunity to share ideas and help in the event planning 🙂

2) New ingredients, new recipes – well, cooking has always been my thing. Wanted to try baking and new recipes… I just got bold and started experimenting with ingredients. Made Indian fish curry with cod fillets,pan-fried fish again, Indian style with Tilapia, made my first chicken pasta salad with orange juice dressing and many more.

As a suggestion to my friends and those seeking to do something, make more money, get to know the right people, I’d like to put down my thoughts:-

1) If you are already running some sort of business like baking, taking cooking orders for parties, running a yoga class and want to get the word around – print artistically, funky business cards and circulate them amongst friends. Bake a batch of cup cakes and invite people over for tea so that the word can spread. Have a trial yoga class for friends.

2) Put yourself out there – first of all, clean up your LinkedIn account. It’s not facebook, so out with all the friends and relatives and get to know people from your own industry or related fields. Drop them a line sometimes. A person from the UK who owns a cement factory emailed me once for help getting into the UAE market and since I was working in Dubai at that time, I emailed him some contacts and inside information on how to go about things. Now that I am in the UK and will subsequently be looking for a job, I know I have someone who will try to help me.

3) Socialise, take a class – the best way to meet people is to join a class. Anything, a language course, a computer class, a bakery lesson. You automatically have more people in your network and through them you get to meet some more people. No shame in telling people you are looking for a job or advertising your business.

4) Talk to people you already know who are supportive of whatever it is you are doing or want to achieve. They can help you by being encouraging, baby-sitting your kids when necessary, helping out with chores if you need to get away.

5) Use whatever skill you already have to turn it into something that lets you earn – take tuition classes, teach music, pilates, write articles for a magazine. Do something small to start and get on your feet

6) Make small talk – don’t fold your hands across your chest at a party and stand in a corner cos you don’t know anyone. That won’t help. Approach a few people, listen to what they are talking about, join in. Tell them about yourself and your hobbies, holidays. Ask them about their careers, about the football match last night.

Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, take the small baby steps to get there. The big things will follow. Look at Susan Boyle. Who would have thought there was a heavenly voice trapped inside a 47 year old sweet mamma from Scotland? Well, look where her courage and talent got her 🙂

Like they say “No guts, no glory” so get up off that sofa and start looking around you at what you can immediately start doing. Who knows……….we’ll be sipping on tea while holidaying together in Highlands someday 😉





It’s rather rare these days to find people who “think” they are successful or have “arrived” in life and yet are humble. From being told “Don’t you know that my husband and I work for a multi-national company as senior executives and have a certain reputation” to “I’m a doctor, what are you” to wanting to be served as if they were royalty; some people have lost all sense of good manners, respect and the correct meaning of the word “Pride”

I think we should all once in a while:-

1) Evaluate ourselves and know our limitations – all of us have different skills and abilities that we are good at but there is always someone who is better. Looking at that person to learn and to inspire us is what makes us improve

2) Recognise our own mistakes – look inward at ourselves rather than value judging or just judging other people as its much easier. Catch yourself in the act of judging. Keep quiet if you must before you let out words you’ll regret and then look at yourself first

3) Count your blessings – most of what we have or have done, is purely a product of luck. There are people more intelligent and hardworking than you who did not have the monetary resources or opportunities to become what you’ve become. Luck can change anytime and a little bad luck can change your tomorrow. So be grateful

4) Appreciate other people – we all have our likes and dislikes but once you seperate your opinions from your fears, you will relish the chance you have to experience different people

5) Stop Comparing – be the best you can be, compete with yourself. Let go of meaningless simplistic comparisons and see things more objectively. See what extra hidden skills someone has in the things that you too are good at. for e.g. I cook Indian, Italian food well while my friend bakes cakes and cookies really well. Maybe I could learn from her cos I’ve never baked before

6) Bring out the child in you – children have a sense of wonder which inspires curiosity. Be amazed like a child and you will be humbled and more ready to learn

7) Practice kindness and help others – a big part of helping others is respecting them and it invloves putting aside your “know-all” attitude and getting out there and making yourself approachable and available when others may need you. Helping others when you know it’s not possible for them to help you in return or shower you with praises or ego-boosting comments; that’s humility.

Why be humble? Because there is a God above & he gives and he takes. He is a loving God. He has given you so much, so that you can give unto others and be grateful for everything.

Be proud of everything you are and have, share it, put it out there for others to learn from, helping someone else along the way to be their best too

Have a fabulous day


I believe……….

1) Smiling makes me pretty

2) Everyone should have a puppy or a pig or some cuddly furry pet

3) Older people love it when they receive a smile and a warm handshake

4) We can speak to the heart irrespective of culture and nationality

5) Hugs boost our immunity

6) Freedom like happiness is a choice…… got to feel it and know it’s yours

7) Pulling back sometimes makes the other peoson want more and come closer

8) Rainy, gloomy weather can never get to you if you have a song in your heart

9) Friends are the best thing to happen to anyone

10) That I am loved by a lot of people