My middle name is Assumption……………

Most of us go through life led by the education imparted to us, the ideas put into our minds, the “universal” truths passed on to us by parents, grandparents, elders. When we come into this world, we are a blank slate and have to be taught how to walk, talk, sit, run, eat. Based on the “knowledge” that is fed into us, we develop further ideas, conceptions, notions, prejudices, fears, discriminations and most of all assumptions.
We are so conditioned by this “knowledge” in us that we hardly ever venture out of line or out of the box, save for being rebellious in our teens and trying everything from alcohol, red hair color, peeing our names into the snow and of course skinny dipping. Then, we are back to being “decent”, “model” citizens of society as we were trained to be, finding that all too popular nine to five job and grumbling about life for the rest of it.
Let’s assume, you were taught only the basic things in life like I mentioned earlier (eat, run, sit, talk) but none of the other values and ideas of people were ingrained in you. What would you be doing differently now? Would you:-
1) Talk to strangers
2) Marry the woman/man of your dreams even though they belonged to a different “caste”, “class”, “religion”
3) Be a “Director of Fun” at a museum rather than a lawyer, doctor or engineer? (This kid below got the job by the way)
4) Sing or dance in public when you received some great news

Do the things I mention in the list above make you happy or make you think of things you can still do right now to change what you live by and be happier? If the answer is yes and you are wondering what to do, its simple. Unassume everything that you’ve been told was the norm, is right, is the way to be, the place to go and start creating your life and destiny and assuming the new you 🙂

Start thinking. Are all strangers dangerous? Are you? No, right so there are others like you who are friends not foes. If you sing or dance in public will people think you are crazy? No, everyone will follow suit and join in your happiness or at least ask you what the good news is.

I literally turned my life around when I stopped assuming and started thinking. I always saw my middle name as a bane as other people thought it meant the noun of the verb “to assume” and found it a great source of hilarity, when in fact my middle name comes from the feast of Mother Mary that we celebrate of the 15th August every year when she was taken up into heaven, body and soul. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Once I accepted that fact for myself, and felt honoured by this name; the blessings flowed into my life.

So, I urge you all too to throw out the life “rules” you learnt and start living………from scratch, if you have to. As long as it makes you happy, it was meant to be.


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