What we do………………………

No one likes to be told that they are wrong but then again if you care about your friends & where they are heading with their life you will still take that risk of giving them the 3rd degree at the cost of maybe them never talking to you again.

I’ve got 2 such friends in my life right now who needed a royal thrashing to try to wake them up from the world they live in.

Both in late 30’s –  one still a virgin who wants to get married & start a family, the other met a guy through an Indian marriage website & surprise surprise………………he does not want to get married.

What I’ve found in common amongst most of the friends I know who are that age is either lack of self confidence or a false sense of wellbeing about how things work out or are supposed to be couples with tons of negativity, lack of any self discipline, laziness & no respect for time.

Small changes in any of their circumstances can bring about so much of good change & making them realize just that can be a utopian task at times.

What do you tell someone who says – I cannot do that, that does not happen for me, but how, when, where, he does not call me, he says we are just friends, I’m working like a donkey, I’m not losing weight etc. etc. etc.

When you don’t want to believe in positive thinking – God, The Universe or whatever you choose to call it, you’ve defeated yourself at the very start. Monitoring what you think & making a conscious effort to shift your mind from thoughts to awareness is hard but once your master it, you will realize that you are living in the present & not worrying about the future even.

Whatever the end goal is, is easier to accomplish when broken down into small miniscule bite sized portions that are do-able and its important to take the time to sit down & identify what are those small steps that will lead you to the end goal.

Happiness also comes in many ways and the sooner we realize that he better it will be. Societal and parental pressure to be something, someone at a certain age has us thinking that they are right cos there is no one backing us up in our convictions & not much support or belief when we resist.

What’s the point? Continue to do what you want, what you believe, no one, I repeat no one is responsible for your happiness in life except you yourself. It is your life, you gotta live it & not let anyone else live it for you.

I don’t like to give advice anymore & have made a conscious decision not to whether is it solicited or unsolicited. It only makes me think more about people’s problems when they are more than capable of looking after themselves & I have my own life to live. Help when needed is always available, don’t get me wrong here but I think I’ve invested a lot of time in people who don’t want to make the change. I’m going to use that same time for me. Investing in myself for what I want to do and move forward. I cannot drag the world with me but I can go ahead myself and lead by example perhaps, if those friends want to open their eyes & do something for themselves………if not, I’m still living my life 🙂