Baked Sausages and Rosemary Potatoes and carrots…………….

This is a simple, no hassle dinner recipe that is one of my favourites as it does not involve me having to stand in the kitchen all evening stiring and sauteeing things. Once you prep things, you can just sit back and relax for an hour 🙂

Ingredients (for 2 persons)
1 Pack of sausages
2 large potatoes (cut into quarters
3 carrots, cut in big pieces
3 flakes of garlic, chopped
1 large onion, sliced
Olive oil
Fresh springs of Rosemary and some dried Rosemary
(You can use your favourite herb – parsely, thyme, chives)

In a baking dish, put one teaspoon on live oil and dump the sausages in it. Stir well to coast the sausages.
In the second baking dish, add 2 teaspoons olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, onion, potatoes and carrots and toss it all well to coat evenly.
Put both the baking dishes in the oven at 200 deg for an hour or so, stiring every 20 minutes so that the vegetables and the sausages cook and don’t burn. Serve with ketchup and mustard






Carrots and Beetroots :)

Here’s an interesting twist to 2 salad vegetabes that most of us make a fuss to eat. Spicing it up a bit makes it more palatable and enjoyable:-

1/2 kg grated carrots or finely chopped cooked beetroots
Few curry leaves
Any powder masala you already have at home (Chicken curry, bottle masala, vegetable masala)
Rye (mustard seeds)

Heat oil in a large wok, add to this the rye seeds and let it splutter. Now add the curry leaves and the carrots/beetroots and stire fry. Add some salt, 1 teaspoon of your chosen masala powder and mix it up. Cover and let it cook for 6-7 minutes. You want to vegetable to be crunchy when served.
Serve as a side-dish 🙂

Beetroot vegetable

Carrot vegetable


Come Walk With Me………………

Come Walk With Me is my first book that I’ve written and published on
You can find it by going to and in the search column just type “Come walk with me by Mellita D’silva” and there it is 🙂

Its about me and a part of my life and what I did and made out of it. A part one motivational biography, there’s definitely more to come 🙂

Hope you enjoy it.


How to throw a house party……..what you need and what you need to consider :)

I prefer house parties to going out sometimes as it affords time to catch up with old friends, the privacy of a home and of course free food and drinks 🙂


Here’s a few things you would need and need to think about:-

1) The atmosphere at a house party is more social. So carfeully make up your list of people to invite. I usually don’t mix crowds but if I have to then I consider if the bunch of people will get along with each other or will they be bored or too contrast with everyone else.

2) Keep it invite-only. Make those calls to your friends that you want to be there. You don’t want strangers thrashing your house and you having to clean it up and finding yourself feeling awkward with whoever decided to attend your “do”

3) When is a good time? – Fridays are usually good because a lot of other things are going on Saturday and Sunday, so people aren’t going to come those days. People usually don’t show up to a party until 10 p.m., so tell people to get there at 8 p.m., and they’ll show up at 10 or 10:30 p.m.
If its juts a bunch of friends and you are ok with it, They can always crash at your house after the party and go home the next day.

4) Music – Just something upbeat. It could be really anything. Usually people at a party just want to have something good in the background, but, you know, some hip-hop or classic rock. Something to make you feel good. People tend to chat a lot and catch up with their friends at house “do’s” so initially you can have house music and then later when the party rocks on, propably some jive, pop.

5) Drinks – If you’re having a chill, small get-together, supply cups, have some cola, lemonade, fruit punch … maybe a little bit of alcohol for people but that’s optional and upto you entirely as you know your friends better and don’t want people throwing up all over the place.

6) Theme and Decor – you could have a theme like the 80’s for e.g. and moderate your music and decor according to it. Guests can come dressed up retro style.

7) Activities – after guests arrive and are done through with the greetings, you will need some activities to keep it going. Set up a dart board, can have dumb charades, old time games like musical chairs and have small prizes for the winners 🙂 another good idea is karaoke to break the ice.

8) Food – small, non-messy finger foods for starters is a great idea when guests start to arrive. Mini samosas, chips and dip, salt sticks, fried cocktail sausages on tooth picks, olives, nuts and crackers in a bowl. Once the party moves on, you could either serve a proper dinner but keep it simple and not too many dishes. You could do a biryani and raita, chinese fried rice and chilly chicken, Chole and rotis, Shepherd’s pie, Roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes. These can be ordered or cooked at home, whatever is convenient to you depending on the number of friends coming over and your budget. Or you can have a variety of smaller things like chutney sandwiches, chicken wings, mini pizzas. If you are doing a barbecue, then sausages, burnt onions, roast potatoes, bread and lots of ketchup and mustard. Keep dessert simple with ice-cream, chocolate, or pudding. If its a birthday or some occassion, the cake can serve as the dessert.


9) Supplies – For starters, you’ll need containers to keep your food and beverages safe and at their required temperature. You will want to keep your beverages cold and in an easy-access place as well. Invest in a large ice box to put canned soda and beer in. You’ll need to get paper, plastic or thermocol cups, plates, and bowls and also plastic knives, forks, and spoons. Other supplies are: a large trashcan or recycling bin for dispensing these items and a large bucket or two filled with water for cigarettes or several large ashtrays. Mostl importantly, tissues, serviettes, toilet rolls. Don’t forget to fill your ice trays and keep in the freezer.

forks and cups with type

House parties are my all time favourite thing and I’m just itching to have one right now 😉

You guys enjoy and hope my list will be helpful


What I spend money on…………..

Like most people, I love to shop, though only once in a good while 🙂
Most of my shopping consists of basic things I buy for myself and things I buy to make other people smile or happy.

For myself:-
I love to spend on clothes mostly for work or for clubbing. This includes skirts, dresses, jeans. I rarely buy make-up. I buy a good eye-liner, some kajal, lip gloss, and a good foundation that lasts for a bit. I am a big fan of jewelry so I buy earrings, chains, bracelets, bangles to go with some of my outfits. I spend a lot on beauty treatments including body massages, chocolate body wraps, Moroccan baths, Cellophane hair treatment, all just to pamper myself and feel good.


For Others:-
A packet of crisps in advance of an upcoming football match, McDonald’s if they are hungry, Souvenirs from my trips abroad, books, I love to buy inspirational books for my friends, beauty products for my girlfriends from Body Shop, dinners or lunches out, large chocolate Easter eggs.

Recently however, I bought some different things for me:-
Gold, for one. I’m hardly into gold so just got some tiny earrings which I wear daily, Gym clothes – need to work out, Some sexy lingerie from La Senza, and since I am in the UK, I shop ever so often at the charity shops. They have some nice things from time to time, plus the money gets donated to whatever charity they support

There are things I do not endlessly spend on:-
Electronics; I own a good laptop and mobile but do not change it every 4 months for a new model. Unhealthy snacks; I’d rather stock up on fruits and vegetables. Jackets and boots for the winter; I have already like 7 jumpers and jackets plus a pair of boots and good shoes for the winter and do not feel the need to buy new stuff every winter as I take good care of my belongings.


I feel that we work so hard for our money, we need to spend it wisely especially in difficult times like these but at the same time there is no need to crib to treat yourself to the good things you deserve in life.

And so, here are a few things I consider a treat for myself, they don’t have to cost a fortune, just few things I don’t do so often:-
A good night out on the town with girlfriends, a movie, a musical, Thai dinners, A Massimo Dutti blouse, A Cath Kidston purse.


What do you spend on? Do you think I am a spendthrift or economical?


Did you have a Susan Boyle moment today?

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly, knowing that you are good at it yet shied away due to anxiety, lack of self-confidence, self-belief. Well, you got to watch the first audition of Susan Boyle on you tube for Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.


A 47 year old women from Scotland at the time of the audition, single, never been kissed, frumpy and cheeky Miss Susan Boyle boldly walks out on stange to the horrified and ridiculing looks from the audience and judges. Their rolling their eyes at this older woman in disbelief and at her guts. She is singing “I’ve dreamed a dream” from Les Miserables and her dream is to be a professional singer like Elaine Paige one day.

No one belives she is worth much, laughing at the very thought of her becoming anything. But, once the music starts snd Susan opens her mouth, the whole audience is on their feet and cheering and aplauding what is the best and the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. The strength, the pitch, the confidence. She was never given a chance before to sing professionally and was hoping that the night at the audition would change it. Well, Susan Boyle, you’ve done yourself, your community and your country proud.

Whenever I need inspiration, I watch her first audition on you tube. It makes me cry for joy every single time 🙂

And it makes me believe………… me 🙂
I love you Susan Boyle. God bless your heart


The Red Swing Project……………

“We strive to positively impact under-utilized public spaces with simple red swings.” Such is the simple mission of the
Red Swing Project, an intervention started by a group of architecture students in Austin. The original red swing was made for $2 with a single piece of wood and retired rock climbing rope. Since, nearly 200 red swings have appeared around the globe, from Haiti to Poland, India to Brazil, on vacant lots, under highway overpasses, turning undervalued spaces into playgrounds and passersby into playmates. I spotted one whilst in Mumbai right outside the Max Mueller Bhavan, a German language institute at Kala Ghoda 🙂


It is mostly utilised by underprivileged street children who enjoy swinging from it the whole day, without a care in the world. I asked this girl if I could take a picture of her. At first she was shy and refused but then as she started swinging, she let go and said “Take a picture and show me if I look good in it” Of course she does 🙂